The corporate and industrial practices are no longer the same as it was a decade ago. It is undergoing constant transformation in the fast changing global environment. Strategies being tagged along today may turn almost obsolete tomorrow. The continuing developments in science and technology; globalization of the economies; incumbents fighting to protect their territories; a flurry of new products and services in industry and major advancements all over the world are evolving as key factors for the change in business environments of the industries like Telecommunication, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Automobile, Aviation, Media & Entertainment, Retail, pharmaceutical etc. Change is the order of the situation, hence the demand for the management professionals, who deliver efficiently irrespective of the change.

The work of managers and organizational leaders in such environments is not only challenging but also rewarding. Those who aspire to become and grow as organizational leaders in today's environment will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes. A sharp rise in inflation and changed lifestyle has made higher education unaffordable for the student community. To keep pace with the lightning fast speed at which the scenario is changing, there is a dire need to revolutionize the traditional educational practices and to upgrade the mode, duration and methodology of management courses.

At RIMS, we understand the demand of the business sphere, which needs result oriented, decisive, flexible, efficient, innovative and ethical managers. Royal Institute of Management Studies is committed to provide cost effective and affordable quality higher education in the field of management and computer applications for the majority. We nurture and foster human values and professional ethics in the students, which help them to become responsible while taking quick and fast actions for business development and also keep harmony in the society. This truly global business school offers state of the art, fast track, flexible, highly specialized and recession free career oriented managerial courses, standing on the foundation of dedicated, committed and deeply knowledgeable faculty using innovative and unique pedagogical tools.

This is my great moment of pleasure to extend my warm welcome to all who have burning desire to enhance their knowledge and skills to explore the wealth opportunities.

With warm Regards,

RK Gulati

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